BMAC Injection

The body uses its bone marrow stem cells to heal and rebuild damaged tissues. Dr. Meyer boosts your bodies healing process by harvesting a concentrated mix of your bone marrow stem cells (known as bone marrow aspirate concentrate, BMAC) and injecting them directly into the injured regions of your back, neck or joints.

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Frequently asked questions regarding Cellular Disc Injection:

Who should consider undergoing cellular injection treatments?

People with neck, back or joint pains who have not responded to standard medical treatments can benefit significantly from cellular injection treatments such as BMAC. For example, people with disc degeneration (such as "disc herniations" or "torn discs") or osteoarthritis (such as "bone spurs" or "degenerative joint disease") respond well to BMAC treatment.

What do you mean by "cellular disc injection" for treatment of back pain?

The tissues of our bodies are constantly rebuilding themselves as we grow and age. Our bone marrow is involved in this process, producing cells known as mesenchymal cells, which are delivered via the bloodstream to all parts of the body. These cells are critical for tissue growth and repair. Mesenchymal cells have the ability to transform themselves into different cell types as necessary. Because of this transformative ability, mesenchymal cells from bone marrow are commonly referred to as a type of "stem cell."

The discs in your back are tough fibrous structures similar in nature to a rubber tire. They contain a gelatinous core known as the nucleus. The disc has little or no blood flowing into it. As a result, when the disc is injured or becomes irritated and inflamed, it is difficult for the body to deliver cells and other healing substances to help the disc repair itself. Low back pain often reflects this inability to properly heal.

To help stimulate the body’s own repair process, we have developed the BMAC cellular disc injection procedure. We harvest an individual’s own bone marrow mesenchymal cells and inject them directly into the injured disc(s). We have been performing this procedure on hundreds of patients since 2008 with excellent results.

We first harvest a small amount of bone marrow by inserting a needle into the back of the pelvis.

After extracting the marrow, it is placed in a centrifuge to concentrate the stem cells, along with the plasma that contains beneficiary growth factors. Using x-ray guidance to target the precise location of injury, we inject the concentrated mixture of bone marrow stem cells and plasma (BMAC) into the irritated disc(s) and surrounding tissues.

Are you injecting "stem cells" for the cellular disc injections?

Yes, because the mesenchymal cells we inject are commonly referred to as stem cells. Specifically, we inject adult stem cells produced by and taken from your own body; we are NOT injecting embryonic or fetal stem cells. All of the injected cells are harvested and concentrated from your own bone marrow less than one hour prior to injecting them back into your body. We are not using cells from other sources. We believe the use of each patient’s own bone marrow mesenchymal cells is the safest and most effective approach currently available.

Can I rejuvenate my lumbar discs without undergoing cellular injection treatment?

In many cases, yes. Most of the lifestyle changes recommended by your doctors, physical therapists and nutrition experts are designed to maximize your body’s ability to heal itself.

  • Postural exercises and core strengthening exercises, plus smoking cessation and a healthy diet, are designed to promote healthier, rejuvenated discs. These measures are commonly successful in treating chronic low back pain.

  • Occasionally, steroid injections, nerve blocks, and oral medications are used to facilitate the process. These treatments do not cure low back pain, however, and they can be counterproductive if over-utilized.

If these standard measures are not relieving your pain, then we recommend you consider cellular injection treatment.

How effective is cellular disc injection in relieving back pain?

Dr. Meyer presented his encouraging preliminary results nationally at the American Association of Pain Medicine meeting in April 2013. The individuals studied had experienced low back pain for an average of 4 years prior to bone marrow stem cell treatment, and prior standard treatments had proven ineffective.

At 5 to 12 months after treatment, 8 out of 11 patients treated with bone marrow stem cell injections experienced significant improvement in back pain. At 13 to 24 months after treatment, 5 out of the 8 patients still had significant pain relief. No complications have been reported in Dr. Meyer's clinic.

Many sufferers of long-term back pain resort to back surgery, often with poor outcomes. Dr. Meyer's results are very encouraging for those seeking effective non-surgical treatment of back pain.