Dr. Meyer’s interventions are designed to promote the body’s own healing response and avoid unnecessary drug treatment and surgery.

Treating Chronic Pain

In 2000, Dr. Meyer redirected his clinical practice towards treatment of chronic pain disorders, sensing an unmet need for such treatment in his community. He quickly established himself as a leader in pain treatment not only in his community, but also in the multistate region surrounding Missouri.


Cellular Disc Injection for Back Pain

Since 2010, Dr. Meyer has played a leading role in collaborative groundbreaking work using marrow cellular disc injections for the treatment of back pain of discogenic origin. Dr. Meyer is one of only a few physicians in the entire Midwest performing the cellular disc injection procedure. His initial work was presented at the American Association of Pain Medicine 2013 national meeting.



Dr. Meyer’s expertise in the use of advanced implantable neurostimulation devices has established him as a peer-to-peer physician educator and lead to his roles as investigator in two separate national studies of the use of neurostimulation for relief of chronic back pain.


Know Pain, No Pain

Recognizing that modern neuroscience discoveries have demonstrated common reversible changes occurring in the nervous system of all chronic pain sufferers, Dr. Meyer developed his “Know Pain, No Pain” program to help sufferers of chronic pain understand the changes occurring in their bodies. Such understanding is critical to reverse the chronic pain process and return to a normal life.


Chronic Pain Research

The mystery behind unrelenting chronic pain disorders lead Dr. Meyer, in conjunction with his psychologist colleague, Dr. Craig Rooney, to initiate a nationwide interview study of individuals who have overcome chronic pain. They are searching for common patterns and themes in such individuals in order to help guide future studies of neural communication patterns responsible for relieving chronic pain.