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Our Integrative Approach

Dr. Meyer’s extensive training as both physician and scientist has helped him develop a truly integrative approach towards assessing and treating individuals suffering from pain. For every patient in our practice, treatment is aimed at optimizing conditions for healing.

Dr. Meyer diagnoses and treats conditions including: 

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The Nature of Pain

In people who suffer from long-term pain, it is often difficult to pinpoint the source of pain. When pain persists for months or longer (is chronic), it becomes complex. The nervous system is altered and the pain becomes a disease process in itself, referred to as a 'chronic pain disorder.'

Discoveries in modern neuroscience demonstrate that chronic pain after an injury or irritation in one part of the body is the result of changes in the behavior and growth of nerves and other tissues in numerous areas of the spine, brain, and body, not just the original site of injury. Fortunately, many of these changes have been shown to be reversible; that is, our bodies are able to heal under the right circumstances.

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Treating the Whole Patient

Dr. Meyer’s integrative approach to evaluating and treating pain incorporates this understanding of the complex nature of chronic pain. He often tells his patients, “If your body is able to grow into a chronic pain state, then it should be able to grow out of it; we just need to help it along.”

That’s why Dr. Meyer focuses his attention on every aspect of a patient’s health (physical, mental, emotional, social) and how it affects their pain process. Interventions range from diet, exercise, and behavior modification, to more sophisticated medication and cellular injection techniques, and even surgical implantation of advanced neurostimulation and drug delivery devices.

Dr. Meyer's 'Know Pain, No Pain' program is designed to help chronic pain sufferers decrease their pain through education and self-activation. By understanding the changes occurring in their bodies, patients can reverse the chronic pain process and return to a normal life.

View Dr. Meyer's "Know Pain, No Pain" presentation.

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Helpful Links & Resources


Have you overcome chronic pain? If so, we’d like to hear your story so we can help others. Dr. Meyer is conducting this national study to allow individuals to record their own stories of overcoming chronic pain. These stories will be studied to search for common themes and patterns. It is our hope these stories will help us develop future therapeutic regimens for chronic pain sufferers.

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